Pest Control

As a Childcare Consultant and Manager we are constantly looking for reliable pest control companies and with a product that actually works. We have often had situations where pest control companies have not shown up and many situations where we have had to constantly call back service people to re do work.

Being a childcare centre operator we also want to ensure that the products that are used are safe for children, so we were very pleased to hear about the amount of research that went into the products that X OUT PEST CONTROL uses.

We feel confident recommending X OUT PEST CONTROL to all of our childcare clients, as we find them reliable, friendly and efficient.

Conny Schmidt
Managing Director

X-OUT PESTS ( Sean ) was extremely reliable, knowledgeable and was able to provide me with an understanding / overview of total house pest management.

He took the time to explain my options and was honest enough to admit that there were no active termites ( I had been told previously in a building inspection that there were ) . He was very thorough in his investigations and I would highly recommend him. Thanks Sean for a great job !"

Kenmore, QLD

Sean is awesome, as a cleaning business he was happy to work along side of us, and is very quick to answer any questions we had and also emails, his workmanship is top of the line :) Thanks Sean"

Southport, QLD

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